Tele-Mech System , the most compact, effective solution for telescopic gates in the world

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The "tele-Mech" dual sliding gate system provides the ultimate space saving solution for wider driveways

Telescopic sliding gate with single sliding gate - Total driveway width approx. 7 metres. Enough room for three cars
telescopic sliding gate

Simple design and easy to install for professional or D.I.Y.

Unique, patented anodized aluminium extruded guide channel system that can be customized to allow for timber cladding, pickets or wrought iron spears.



telemech telescopic gate

Easily assembled and cut to desired length. For driveway openings up to 7.3M.

Custom sizes available upon request




telescopic gate kit
telescopic gate hardware telemech
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Download Instruction/ installation Manual V5.3
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