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Quotations - Supply and Installations

We are able to provide accurate quotations for both, gates and automation to suite most requirements, all our gates are custom manufactured to fit within the brief we are given from Architects, Designers, Builders and the individual home owner.
We will advise and adjust, if necessary, designs that we feel, may not work as well as they could for the long term without compromising to heavily on the overall look you are trying to achieve.
We can also help design from scratch to offer something that will last and complement you properties appearance.
It is a little difficult to quote without going on site as there are many variables that we need to consider like space requirements, ground levels and obstacles such as services and trees that may interfere with your plans.
Give us a call, we're happy to visit, that's what we do.

FAQ - What will I need to do? - Preparing your site for automatic gates
All automatic gates require an isolation switch or switchable weather proof power point close to or in clear view of the motors and/or control box.
Regardless of what you may have been told, even from experienced electricians, who should know better, it is illegal to hard wire automatic gate equipment directly into a mains electrical supply, there are a number of regulations involved, for electrical and mechanical safety.
For double swing gates you will need a power point on one side of the driveway only and at least one conduit across the driveway to the other side.
Single swing gate require one power point at the hinge side.
Sliding motors need a power point next to the motor, generally on the post that holds the position.
SAS Drawing
 SAS Gate drawing - design
Finished Gate
Gates finished and installed using V2 Vulcan 24VDC inground gate operators with
battery back up, safety light curtains, 24hr timer for open and close times

Service, Repairs and Maintenance

We can service and repair most common brands of gate automation equipment or replace,
if necessary, with similar or better.
Ants, in Australia are one of the most common cause's of electronic circuit board failure within
automatic gate control units.
Most sliding gate motors have control units built in and if it's over 10 years old you would most
likely need to replace the whole motor as it could be uneconomical to repair.
Swing gate motors usually have a separate control unit mounted on a wall next to the driveway,
these can be easily replaced without replacing the motors if they are still OK..
If you require repairs to and existing automatic gate, it would be helpful if you can tell us what
brand the system is as we may have the parts you're looking for without needing a return visit.
To the right you will find a list of the most common brands you will find in and around Sydney
and NSW to help identify your product. You'll find, most of them are made in Italy.



Common brands
Most setups should last 10 to 15 years or more if they have been installed correctly,
others may not even last past the warranty period, in this situation, the problem should
be fixed for free by the contractor who installed it but we are called in because they
either can't be contacted or they have no idea how to fix the problem.
Issues are mostly due to poor execution. Bad and/or dangerous wiring is the most
alarming concern uncovered when we arrive on some of these sites.
We have collected a few photos during our travels and have decided to shear them
by creating a "Bad News" gallery for your information on what you can and should avoid.
Service map
Bad News
Bird nest of cables & relays - Where to start?
Homemade Counterweight for underpowered motor
Ground Jbox 240V
240V junction box on the ground Dangerous!
junction tool box
Old metal toolbox used as Junction box on ground
Inside - this was for access control and intercom system
motor on lighting circuit
Lighting circuit use to power motor - Illegal

electrical tape01
Taped conuits and cables
electrical tape02
Taped join of motor lead
electrical tape03
Another taped join - Dangerous!

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