We specialise in the supply and installation of automatic telescopic gates and associated hardware throughout the Sydney area.
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The "tele-Mech"® dual sliding gate system is the most compact, easy to install system for automating telescopic gates on the market
Proudly developed and manufactured in Australia by SAS Autogate, we ship nationally and world wide to Trade, Builders and D.I.Y.

telescopic gate

Telescopic Sliding Gate System

The "tele-Mech" ® Dual sliding gate system is an ideal solution for restricted areas.
Single sliding gates require the entire driveway width + 300 to 400mm for them to open fully, while a dual sliding, or telescopic gate, only requires a little over half, giving you a wider driveway opening over all.

This is a standalone system which can be mounted to any style of gate you may choose
These gates also travel twice as fast as normal gates which is great for getting on and off busy roads - safety devices are highly recommended.

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Dealers & Installers

telescopic gate kit

Complete Gate Kits - including motors, remotes, safety devices and other associated hardware available upon inquiry. Unfortunately we don't manufacture gates, we have them made for local installations only.

Cantilever hardware  Rolling Center Cantilever Gate Hardware
"Rolling Center" -  Cantilever Sliding Gate Hardware
Self supporting guide system for sliding gates - no track. Ideal for industrial,
commercial applications where traditional track can be damaged by heavy traffic,
uneven ground levels or gravel entrances for gates up to 12 Metres
System requires approx. 40% additional space to open fully.

General Hardware
Sliding gate wheel
Heavy Duty Wheel
Guide Rollers

Standard surface track

inground track
Nylon Guide block
Bearing hinge
HD hinge

HD Gal surface track

Stainless steel track  

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